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Motorhome Service & Accessories Specialist

Towtal is a motorhome accessories specialist, based in Stoke-on-Trent in the center of the UK.

We are motorhome enthusiasts just like you as well as being experts in motorhome accessories, motorhome towbars and A-frames for towed cars.

We have over 30 years of experience with motorhomes and now have state of the art workshop facilities for both fabricating and fitting our own parts as well as those from other manufacturers.

Most of our accessories can be fitted while you wait.

Why not have a look at us in action on the video on the right and we look forward to seeing you soon


RVi Brake – Where passion meets innovation……..

20th October, 2014




RVibrake2 Auxiliary Braking System RVibrake Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
RVibrake2 Auxiliary Braking System 

Our Price: £1,495.00 inc AFrame

Tire Pressure Sensors 

Our Price: £250.00 
RVibrake2 Auxiliary Braking System is the most advanced and easiest to use auxiliary braking system on the market. Installation takes less than 60 seconds, and is compatible with RVibrake’s Tire Pressure Sensors. The RVibrake Tire Pressure Sensors are the easiest to use tire pressure sensors available. All you have to do is enable the sensors on the RVibrake2’s Wireless monitor, thread them onto the towed vehicle’s tire stems, and you’re ready to go!
RVibrake Soft Shell Carrying Case RVibrake 12-Volt Battery Direct Kit
Soft Shell Carrying Case 

Our Price: £35.00 
12-Volt Battery Direct Kit 

Our Price: £20.00 
Keep your RVibrake looking brand new with the Soft Shell Carrying Case.
The 12-Volt Battery Direct Kit provides an extra 12-Volt outlet that runs directly off of your towed vehicle’s battery. It’s inline 20-amp fuse and 16 gauge wire provides consistent power for your RVibrake when your stock 12-Volt outlet cannot.
RVibrake Breakaway System RVibrake Breakaway System - Lanyard
Breakaway System 

Our Price: £50.00 
Breakaway System – Lanyard 

Our Price: £10.00 
The Breakaway System is designed to have RVibrakeapply the brakes on the towed vehicle in the event that the towed vehicle becomes unattached from the motorhome while traveling. The Breakaway System- Lanyard is designed connect to the motorhome bumper and the breakaway switch on the front of your towed vehicle when pulling a car with a towbar (a-frame).
RVibrake Towed Battery Charger
Towed Battery Charger 

Our Price: £50.00 
The Towed Battery Charger charges/maintains the battery in your towed vehicle while towing. The premium design handles both heavy load and trickle charging. Installs in 15 minutes.

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