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Motorhome A-Frames

Motorhome A-frames are becoming increasingly popular as motorhome owners realise the benefits of taking a nippy little car with them when touring.


Originally, A Frames were developed for military use. Towing secondary lighter vehicles behind larger more immobile equipment. Then as the system became more widely available, Land Rovers were towed behind Steam Engines and now many different cars are towed behind many different Motor Homes.

aframeOur TowFrame is manufactured here in Stoke On Trent using best quality BS steel. The hitch is supplied by Al-Ko and the whole unit can be folded up to fit in any car boot (Including a Smart!).

They are designed and fitted to various model cars and vehicles with very few exceptions and you’ll find it much easier to get around those tight Italian town centres in a Mini than in your motorhome and yet while you’re on the motorways getting there, you’ll hardly notice you’re towing a car.

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